1. Victoria

    I’ll also nitpick the comment that they’re rare for selling lots of albums in this era. Yeah, CD sales are down, but you still get a good number of blockbuster albums a year.

  2. Hear! Hear!

    You know I singled out that one review but that was clearly not even the worst offender of this repositioning of Green Day for the purpose of selling the story “young punk slackers grow up and become suitable purchase for middle aged men.”

    As people of the rock journalist persuasion I hope we’ve been more responsible than this.

  3. Victoria

    Lol, some of my favorites are the American articles about J-pop that frame the story as, “Most Japanese pop is bad, disposable idol music, but [artist name] is the exception.”

    It was especially funny when they said it about Puffy back in 2002. Yeah, Puffy aren’t exactly idols or disposable, but it’s a stretch to say they’re that different. And don’t even get me started on the stereotype of what Japanese pop is like.

    Leisl and I like to joke about the frame “Did you know Japan has pop music?!” Those bad articles help drive me to do better.

  4. Kytrax

    It annoys me that so many journalists don’t really get punk. Punk is the anger of experience coupled with knowing too much and not being able to do anything but hit the wall until you bleed or break through.

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