1. I love the expressions on the faces of the guys in the band. They look disgusted, bored, afraid, etc. However, I do think the pv could have been more inventive.

  2. I feel like just following along with the words would have been a bit obvious and unoriginal. I mean, everyone who has heard the song has already seen that video in their mind while listening to it, haven’t they? The song pains a pretty vivid picture.

    This at least gives her something fun to work with. That, and it’s positively dripping with style. I quite like it. While you’re right that other people have done similar ‘period piece’ videos, I’ve not seen any in this particular style, and it’s not overdone enough yet to really feel played out to me.

  3. a) I love the Olivia song and the video is cuul (said as Cartman from South Park) -thanks for the heads up!

    b) I’m only holding Miss Allen to her own standards. SMILE, LDN, and ALFIE all had strong stories which she made literal videos for to great effect. The Fear was a bit more abstract but it still fit with the narrative.

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