1. Jake

    Fantastic! Thank you!
    Do you have a translation for either Embrace or Onaji Doa Wo Kuguretara from the Yggdrasil album anywhere? Those are the only two I don’t have translations for…

  2. kirei*na!

    Just like usual, I just couldn’t exactly figure out the meaning of the lyrics right away… m(-_-)m

    I think I’ve read “Embrace” and “Onaji DOA o Kuguretara” on Centigrade-J once.

  3. Rahan

    Both songs are most certainly on cent-j. Linktime!

    http://utau-inu.com/centj/translations/onajidoorwokuguretara_bumpofchicken.htm Onaji DOA o Kuguretara.

    http://utau-inu.com/centj/translations/embrace_bumpofchicken.htm Embrace.

    And, as anothersortacomment: The entire reason why I went to cent-j was for the Bump of Chicken translations. It’s probably my single-favorite Japanese band, just because… damn near everything they do is so easy to identify with. So, many many thanks to Brian and Takako for the awesome work!

  4. I

    Thanks Boo and Takko for the translation and all the thought that went into it, which really shows.
    Again I am reminded that the best translations are made by those who are good writers themselves.
    Arrows is definitely worth the wait.
    Listening to this song is like watching from far away tiny figures on a blasted plain who seem to be moving together but may also be moving apart. The lyrics and music + arrangement capture that feeling.
    When the singer says that he doesn’t need the things left in his friend’s care, it’s also an important moment because he’s giving up the “despised memories” that he’s been clinging on to all this while, wanting but not willing to throw them away.
    His companion is just the same that way.
    They can’t transform themselves on their own, but by exchanging burdens for a while, they kind of get there by adding something to each other’s baggage / store of memories.
    Ah, Bumpy Fujiwara. So so introspective but always gesturing towards the transcendent possibilities of human connection.

  5. kirei*na!

    aa… Anyone has the translation of “Yume no Kainushi”? I’ve tried to translate it by myself, but the message I found was really odd I need to recheck it from other point of views!!

  6. エリザベス

    Thank you so much for this translation. Thanks to your translation, this has recently become my favorite song. Being able to understand this song has made me so happy. THANK YOU.

  7. Charlotte

    This song is SO beautiful. If you haven’t watched the movie Tekkonkinkreet, this is the perfect movie which captures the story and the mood of this song completely.

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