1. Victoria

    I think it’s good the enka singers are still there. I like enka anyway, but I can also imagine the older generations feeling shut out if all the Kouhaku performers were young whippersnappers. Then again, some might feel offended that the performers representing their generation are so neutered. Where’s Japan’s Eartha Kitt?

    I don’t like that Ponyo song. Maybe I’m also missing the point.

    I didn’t watch Kouhaku. These one-off TV performances never live up to the artists’ own concerts, so I don’t really care. Anyway:

    Mr. Children! Who’s next, B’z?

    Hikawa Kiyoshi is pretty cool, even though he scares me.

    I hate Perfume. They’re like T-Pain for people who think T-Pain would be more awesome if he were three ditzy Japanese girls. Nakata Yasutaka (the songwriter/producer) is a one-trick pony and his songs are freaking terrible. All his acts are exactly the same, varying only in the number of mushroom-haired girls contained within. He’s compared to TK, but TK had a much more advanced and interesting sound, and at least his singers were fairly distinguishable. It’s funny that Nakata’s working with Suzuki Ami now, though.

    Angela Aki is just…boring.

    You didn’t like Mirrorcle World? I guess to appreciate it, you have to know it’s the most interesting song Ayumi’s made in a few years. And yeah, it’s crazy she’s been around 10 years and has made herself a fixture.

    SPEED was awful? I may have to check this out to see what you mean. I could do without them singing to the CD of White Love (I don’t even like the song much in the first place), but I think for a reunited child group, they’ve been pretty good. Eriko sounds great. I actually don’t like hiro’s lower register; it sounds kinda ugly to me.

    I haven’t seen the Hirahara performance you’re talking about, but I find her boring without Jupiter. She sings like she’s trying to blow you away with her power and range, but her voice is wispy and sounds strained on the high notes. I’m not sure I’d be able to recognize her voice if I heard an unfamiliar song of hers randomly, either. I love Jupiter, though. Sure it’s not even the best version of the song, but it’s perfectly dramatized in that pop music way, and it’s the only version you have a chance of pulling off at karaoke.

    Lol, it’s Jero (short for Jerome). He’s an American whose grandma got him into enka at a young age. He’s not the best singer, and it bugs me that they dress him in hip-hop clothes ’cause he’s black (in interviews he said it’s how he likes to dress, but I’m skeptical), but aside from that, it’s awesome to see a black guy in enka.

    Pornograffiti’s celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. (I know, right?) Tokio is probably the only Johnny’s group I kinda like.

  2. jchew

    i didn’t see it yet… (dl’ing at home…) but i wouldn’t even bother if i didn’t know the Mr. C performance was fantastic (youtube!) as for the rest of the acts… not too optimistic. I like Angela Aki, but yes, she isn’t very thrilling hehe.. can’t wait!

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