1. ghostless

    Hm, I didn’t enjoy her first album that much, aside from Smile and LDN, mostly.

    That said I loved this song the second I heard it, especially the lyrics, though I always thought she had clever lyrics.

    This whole shimmery, ethereal electropop sound I quite enjoy on her, I hope her new album is all like this song.

    And the video..is just perfection. Dancing presents and balloons and that whole Marie Antoinette-ish vibe, and her dollish/Alice in Wonderland outfit is just too cute/cool.

    am so looking forward to her new album now.

  2. “Smile” was actually not one of my favs from Still, Alright. I really like “Everything’s Just Wonderful,” (which has been my still to be recognized ringtone for months) “Alfie” and “Nan You’re A Window Shopper” (which I don’t think was a proper CD track since it’s a goof on Fiddy.)

    I like how the vid for “The Fear” starts in a pastel trailer park.

  3. One of the more clever lyrical responses to sudden fame… man this girl’s level of coverage with the insanely invasive Brit paparazzi is out of control.

    The video is great, too.

  4. ghostless

    Yeah I think there were a few other songs I thought were pretty good too. Truth be told I haven’t even listened to it for a year or something so all I really remember were the singles. I should probably give it another listen to be fair and I might actually end up liking it more. I think I remember all the songs being kinda same-y though with the shiny, happy reggae vibe and the 180 lyrics that clashed with it, it was all kinda gimmicky.

    According to something I read this was due to Lily only writing the lyrics and having someone else do all the music for her.

    Apparently she’s had more of a hand in actually writing her newer material, so it should be more interesting and not as disconnected from the music so much.

    Yes, the color scheme/art directions is just one of the lovely things about this video. It all has this kinda melancholy/desolate undercurrent running through it all with the trailer in the middle of the vast field of green and her solitary stroll through her big pastel-colored palace.

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