1. Evan

    Oooh, ouch.

    Well I refuse to read the books. I’ve heard enough about the author’s word selection to deter me, aside from the fact where it’s a romance and I hate romances.

    And in that light, I don’t typically go see movies based on books without having read the books first, so I have no intention to see this movie.

    I have only seen snippets of The Notebook, but I remember my mom crying at the end. I don’t know if that qualifies it as tween centric, it seems more younger adult to me. When I think tween I think cheesy like Tuck Everlasting, which seems somewhat like Twilight as it is. I suppose the screenplay for Twilight might be formatable enough to set the base for tween-flicks to come.

  2. I haven’t seen twilight, but two of my friends went and braved the crowds. They told me if you aren’t under 25 and into vampires the movie really wasn’t worth much. They did say they liked the look of the film, but, they also told me they were bored because of the predictable plot. One of my friends called the dialogue “inane teen romance drivel.”

    So, um, yeah…we’ll probably see a ton of movies just like it in the near future. Just look at the ticket revenue. That’s all that counts, yes?

  3. I was more implying that The Notebook shows up in the dialogue of teen/tween movies far too often. Like, “It was a total Notebook moment” or “It was just like the Notebook, except he was wearing a band uniform!” (These are fabricated examples but don’t steal them, I suddenly have an idea for a tween romance, “Drum Sticks! March to the Top” Are you reading this Disney?)

  4. Evan

    As if Twilight already doesn’t show up enough just based on the book…

    “Oh, this is just like when Edward…. etc.etc.etc. *fangirling ensues*”

  5. Ah. Well, I didn’t see the notebook, so I guess I can’t comment about it showing up in Twilight. I haven’t seen it either.

  6. No, Twilight has no reference to the Notebook. I haven’t even seen it and I can tell you that. I’m saying that in place of all The Notebook name dropping in recent pop culture, there will be a lot of Twilight ones. It’s the Gone with the Wind of a new generation.

    What was my generation’s Gone with the Wind?? Singles? Reality Bites? Wayne’s World?

  7. I vaguely remember The English Patient, actually. I’m not much of a romance fan. Weird for a girl, I know. The only romance that had any interest for me was Ladyhawke with Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeifer. It had substance. Everything about that movie was done well. I liked the supernatural elements and the whole feel of the film. It’s old, I know, but I love it. My brother bought it for me as a joke because he thought I’d hate it. He was wrong.

    Twilight does seem to be THE film on everyone’s lips, so I expect it will be around for a while. Everyone is talking about it and vampires have always been a draw, even if the movies are bad. I’m really not interested. Maybe I’m just too old. ~_^

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