1. They better damn well not cancel it! It’s one of the only shows I bother to pay my cable bill for. It’s original, the writing is snappy and fun and it’s entertaining with a capital E. Almost every other show out there is a crappy reality show or a clone of a C.S.I or hospital drama. I’ve had enough drama and gore. I’d much rather watch something quirky and funny. This season’s episodes have been top notch!Bring on the clowns and the crazy aunts! 😉

  2. I was thinking about this seriously. ABC seems to stick with their quirky new shows (who would’ve predicted the return of Eli Stone!?) but that doesn’t mean they aren’t ratings challenged. Maybe they should open a Pushing Daisies store? I have a feeling that the audience for PD (the predominantly female portion) would die to have some of the weird items from the show. Like twin Golden Retriever head mugs or Chuck’s honeycomb dress from the opener. Pop-up books, lamps, Ned’s sweaters. Who doesn’t want to live in the PD fantasy world? Has any show begged to be made into a commodity more?

  3. A Pushing Up Daisies store would be fun. I could see those pop-up books by the P.I. becoming a hit, too. Hell, just turn the series into a serialized comic book. It’s written in a compatible manner for that kind of thing.

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