1. Jenny

    What happened to all the lyrics you had in your old site (centigrade-j) Can we still find them somewhere?? :(

  2. Kat

    WooHoo! You mean we’ll get a link to Cent-J’s archive soon?!! That would be ~*awesome*~!

    BTW – you must be the only person out here translating BoC. Thanks again for that. I love their lyrics. :)

  3. xin

    To Mr. Brian,,
    can I have a request!?
    could you pleasee, pleasee,,pleasee
    translate Bump of Chicken’s hilarious bonus track?
    I think it’ll help many bump’s fans abroad [incl. me] enjoy bump more!
    i know those songs already hilarious but it’ll be more fun to understand what they are talking about!

  4. Sebastian

    I have the same question as the first comment. I loved Centigrade-J and I never bothered in saving all the translations because I didn’t know the site was going down T_T Is there a chance to get back these lyrics ? (specially pierrot, bump, l’arc en ciel, and so on).

    Thank you for translation bump of chicken, it’s true that you’re the only one translating them

  5. Rin

    I was really surprised to find a translation for this song, because actually I was just googling to see if anyone had been as moved by this song as I was. Haha. I know what you mean by understanding the song better than translating it, but you did a beautiful song great justice. Arigatou :)

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