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  1. probably my favourite song – pair of songs – in the world.

    hi, Brian. i stumbled on your site purely by chance when i was looking for the lyrics to Flyby in Japanese – well, in romanji, anyway – i desperately want to learn to sing it, even though my Japanese is so poor that it’s going to take a long time 🙂
    and… what an absolutely FANTASTIC site you’ve put together. i don’t have much time right now, so i’m gonna come back as soon as i get the chance and have a good look around, but…. frankly, anyone who’s translated all of ‘Orbital Period’ is somewhere between a genius and a god, as far as i’m concerned 😀

    gotta go mate, but couldn’t do so without saying… wow. and thank you. not least because i thought maybe i was the only idiot Nipponophile crazy enough to devote so much time to something like this. the net NEEDS people like you. well, my bit of it does, anyhow. i can’t wait to come back and have a look at some of your stuff.

    BTW – strange parallel – when i was still regularly blogging, i became (and still am) known as the Concrete Fox. and yet – you guessed it… i am neither a fox, nor am i made of concrete. so i feel right at home with the utau inu thing, heh.

    one more time: brilliant, well done, thank you, i’ll be back!

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