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Boo on the Job

For those of you just joining us, Hi! I’m Boo, the owner and operator of Utau-Inu.com as well as a professional producer, videographer, and editor of original film, web and TV content.

If you’re in the NJ metro area and are interested in acquiring my services as a videographer or editor, please follow this link to my bio page for more information as well as my contact info and credentials.


Additionally, many of you have been asking for years if we would consider taking requests for song translations again and that was never an option until now. Takako and I are happy to announce that we will be taking paid requests for song translations at a flat rate of $20 per song (which would also include the romanized version.) We realize that there are other (read: cheaper) options out there for song translations but what we offer beyond any of them is personal attention, professional conduct and speed.

There’s more info on this as well on the bio page.

Faith in Gamerkind, Restored

Luna don't play that.

Luna don’t play that.

I started commenting on the YouTube page for FFXV’s Dawn trailer as a reaction to what I thought was a beautiful and nuanced teaser trailer and I thought those comments would just go away; washed clean by a sea of impatient, vitriolic fanboy haterade. Somewhat understandable, given how long people have been waiting for the game.

I was mistaken…

Faith in Humanity Restored

Instead people have since been overwhelmingly positive, and my comment has become a magnet for intelligent, emotional responses. It’s nice when love wins the day, isn’t it?

YuffieBunny as C Viper

The cosplay music video I shot for model, entrepreneur, and friend of The Inu, YuffieBunny is live! In it she portrays C. Viper from the popular Street Fighter series. Go check out the epicness for yourself!

Despite starting an hour behind schedule and being denied permission to shoot at the bar, the shoot went swimmingly and gave me a chance to have some good, silly fun with a lot of super talented ladies including, Midori, who I hadn’t seen in forever. I shot this using a Canon 5D with three different lenses including a fish eye. Hilariously, I just tied the lens bags to my super thin belt and prayed my belt loops would hold up (they did!) I looked like I was wearing some avant garde high fashion skirt-lette.

Couldn’t have asked for better naturally diffused lighting for the outdoor stuff, just gorgeous conditions. This means I only had to do very minimal post correction to the video, mostly adjusting levels when moving from a full in tight to a wide with the slower lenses. I also shot some safety stuff on my Sony NX5u which I mostly used for behind the scenes type shots.

Mr. Children – Starting Over


monster in the mirror

Starting Over

I put down the monster grown large
with a bullet to his head
from the concealed handgun I carry
next time, I won’t take so long
to  pull the trigger

Is his true form vanity?
Or the fear of failure?
caught up in the shower of praise,
is he my burgeoning conceit?

Calm my panicked breathing,
and focus my energies on my trigger finger.

In a world only I can go to, a gunshot roars out
followed by the flash of the barrel
dazzlingly gorgeous and short-lived.
“when one thing ends, another begins”
I believe that light is shouting this to me.

I found loneliness and innocence,
deep in the eyes of the cornered monster.
like an abandoned kitten,
he curled up and trembled with fear

If only I could tie him up like this,
and tame him so.

Faced with so many different choices and possibilities
I lose sight of what I was searching for, what I desired.
“When one thing is born, another dies.”
I believe there’s no escaping this fact.

An evening twilight that’s too calm
in the stillness of the midnight hour
the monster starts acting up again
I catch my breath and load a bullet into the chamber
so the monster doesn’t suspects my quiet intention to kill him.

and again now, in a world only I can go to, a gunshot roars out
followed by the flash of the barrel
dazzlingly gorgeous and short-lived.
“When one thing ends, another begins”
and the world keeps on turning.
“When one thing ends, another begins”
I have to believe. I have to.

Translated By: Boo & Takako Stewart

Translator’s Notes: All translators of Japanese have to eventually face the dreaded, “kitto…” which is normally translated as “surely” or “I’m certain” but it’s rarely that simple. Kitto in this case is a man on the edge of his belief, making a plea to the universe that the concepts he holds on to must be true. Otherwise, he’s lost. It’s a powerful song and we thought it deserved more powerful language than normal.

Mr. Children – Kumo no Ito


A Strand of Spider’s Web

my heart has now, faced with so many possibilities,
chosen to follow the spindly strand that leads towards you.
that’s a spider’s web
in other words, a slackened thread luring me to a trap.
even if I’m wrapped up top to bottom and I die,
it’s instinct.

I touch that gorgeous strand
glistening with evening dew drops
in the darkness of the wildly overgrown woods.

I try to swat away these feelings,
but all I end up doing is getting myself more tightly entangled

I suspect you too know,
the emptiness of a lost love
and yet that hasn’t stopped you from being drawn to
strength that doesn’t shy away from it.

in the darkness of dull days
I’m dazzled by
that strange light that appears to dance,
and flicker in the moonlight.

I tug on the one and only thread called “you” and pull you closer.

Translated By: Boo & Takako Stewart

Mr. Children – Fight Club

Fight Club

Fight Club

1999. Everywhere in the world people were restless,
high off the approaching millennium
and there you were, idolizing the crazy dude from Fight Club
played with intensity by Brad Pitt.

wearing those sunglasses with lenses tinted by sarcasm
up there, looking down on everything else.

you found an imaginary enemy
and did battle with him
even though no one would actually step in the ring with you
be it rival or just someone you didn’t like
it was still better than being alone
loneliness was your real worst enemy

We can’t go back, and we can’t go home to those foolhardy days
even if we try to hold ourselves back

You lament that, “nobody gets it, none of them.”
while telling yourself that you’re somehow special.

you jumped and danced on the hood of an illegally parked Jaguar
with jerky dance moves
making like you were some back alley hero
you crushed your wretched mood underfoot

the sound of the siren…
the night you bolted and ran off.

and now you’re reeling from the booze,
throwing up everything you put your lips to, with a hearty laugh
It’s a precious treasure twinkling in my heart
that shines so brightly that I refuse to dismiss it as the “folly of youth.”

You found the real enemy.
And now you must fight.
there will be more and more things to be afraid of
but you have to be willing to die, better yet, willing to be killed
because we’re not special any more.

so let’s find a way to survive this together, my friend.

Translated By: Boo and Takako Stewart

Why I Keep On Keeping On

Sometimes I forget who I am. Or why I am? And it’s not because I don’t appreciate the abundant beauty of the waking world and the miracle that is my family, nor that I am jaded or cynical or confused. It’s more so because of the spam that builds up in our inboxes, unopened. The clutter of life, the detritus of our daily routine that eventually builds up and fogs the tank.

To me the purpose of art is to wipe clean that fog and offer us a glimpse of the splendor beyond ourselves which in turn,ironically, restores clarity to our own reflections. When I hear a great, blood-surging album like Mr. Children’s REFLECTION or see a powerful, ridiculously loved-over movie like CHAPPiE which taps directly into me as if it were hardwired, I remember who I am and I vow to keep on just so I can see what’s next.

At one time, I would write lengthy reviews, breaking down essentially unquantifiable experiences and limiting them to descriptive words but today this is the best endorsement I can offer either of these entertainments.





Mr. Children – Mikan



C’mon, let’s go. Up and over the wall of common sense
visualize the perfect arc of a homerun ball
it’ll probably vanish but
that’s alright, no matter which way you go we all end up bones anyway.

Things don’t usually work out the way we plan
a zoo of animals held prisoner, struggling in futility
you’re gonna escape one day, but until that day
put away your sharp teeth.

Pulling away, creeping closer, trying to guess the password
eventually you should be able to open the lock
and that’s what you tell yourself
as you set your sights on the treasure.

“If this bird will never fly, may as well pluck its feathers”
moaning like this, the future will never offer you a hand
no matter where “here” is
or whether the exit is still far off
You will cross that marsh, and arrive
at the promised land in your heart.

At the train platform, headphones at full volume
headed into the gaudy, glittering den of capitalism
a bird flying in circles
looking for the exit

why not lash out, scream and gnash your teeth
it may seem like everyone’s wearing a satisfied expression,
but actually we all look so bored.

So c’mon and shed that uniform, and be freed.
even if, as their military commander, those under my charge should turn against me
who ever “I” am
even if people laugh in the distance
I know more than anyone else
the promised land of my heart

“If this bird will never fly, may as well pluck its feathers”
complaining like this, won’t make the ordeal any easier on you
so shed that uniform already!
And be free! free! FREE!
I’m going to rise again today,
sometimes sink, but rise again
and again and again,
so then one day I will arrive
at the promised land of my heart

So, c’mon! Let’s go, over wall of common sense
visualize the endless arc of a homerun ball
the door that leads to the future
I’ll be there, as always, knocking
always knocking.

Translated by: Boo and Takako Stewart

Everyone’s a Critic

Shoot me again, my soul is still smiling.

Shoot me again, my soul is still smiling.

History is repeating, like, literally. Not only do I, once more, have a new web show but it’s the same web show I was doing at This Is Infamous, with a fresh coat of paint, a new name Everyone’s a Critic, a promise between director, Shawn Stutler and I to maintain a higher standard and deliver a consistent product and it’s also a partnership with Stan Lee’s World of Heroes. ExcelsiorOOOOOOAR!

To say that I’m excited doesn’t come close to describing my uncontainable feelings. We launched the first teaser for the new show on Tuesday and so far the response has been incredible. I am just overjoyed that over 100 people, over about 24 hours, have thought our content was worthy of a yay or nay. I’m, frankly, ecstatic that about 20% of those were thumbs down. I’d rather be divisive than safe, boring or pandering. Of course, ideally, those thumbs downs will tune in to watch anyway but who knows.

It feels so good to be back in front of the camera again, and although I’m a bit rusty, it feels like a comfortable pair of kicks. I’m so glad to be able to share my adventures again with my Inu-tachi, your numbers withered though they may be. I probably should tumble or snap this chat but I’m just a sucker for an old fashioned wall-o-text blog. So expect in the future for this to be the place to read up on my adventures.

Until then,

Thank you for reading and please check out the first full episode on May 26th.

Love and Sprockets