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All My Best Friends Are Cacti

Crazy four day weekend with more to come. My year with Rocky Horror: Saved My Life begins. Heaven help my liver.

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March 13, 2014

Princess Dancer and The Horse She Rode In On

Princess Dancer Horse

Another of Maya’s works. This one she painted on our window. ALVIIIIIIIIIIIIIN! Again, it only took me a moment to see that there was a dancing princess, but I have to admit that she had to point out the little horse she was riding. Internet, today you are my refrigerator door.

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Lego Love Story

Lego Love Story

My daughter, Maya, is almost three years old. This is one of her first creations. Even without her telling me, I knew, I just knew these were people (or duck people) and that they were in love. Maya later told me, “It’s Daddy and Mommy.” I thought I was the square one but it tuns out I’m the rounded one –it’s taller. We’re standing in a pool of water or on a pool of water, by the way. I look at this and the world seems a lot less dark.

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